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Welcome to my website,! Here you will find pictures and descriptions of my projects.

There are a few but hey, this stuff took a lot of time!

All Projects made in Southern California, USA

I stopped doing audio DIY in about 2010, but if you have any questions feeel free to send me an email at lgreen@part time projects .com (all one word wih no spaces).


SurfCables: Silver Teflon Audio Cables

Made in USA
  Grid Ver: 12_09_15
  Headphone Amplifiers
Krell KSA-50 A "Clone" of the Krell KSA 50   CMOY A "CMoy" Headphone amplifier
(August 2005) Amplifier, 50 WPC, Class A.   (October 2008) That Runs off 9V batteries or AC,
  and has 2 inputs and an RCA output.
DX HRII A 50 WPC Amp, designed by  
(May, 2009) Carlos in Brazil! Class A/B.   Phono Preamplifiers  
  "Bugle" A "Bugle" opamp based,
  (February 2007) battery powered phono
Krill Innovative biasing and 100 WPC   preamplifier
(January, 2010) from this DIY design.  
  "Pearl" A "Pearl" MOSFET and JFET
ExtremA The name "Extreme" says it all.   (April 2007) based phono preamplifier.
(November, 2009) 70 WPC, virtually no distortion,   From Pass Labs.
and its Class A of course    
SymAsym "AAK" Version A DIY amplifier designed by the
  Room Acoustics
(June, 2010) DIYer for the DIYer. 100 WPC   Hanging Bass Traps Hanging acoustic absorbers
Class A/B.   (May 2007) made out of Owens Corning 703.
Pass F5 A big, hot, class A amp gives you  
Add Outer Support and pillowtop
(May, 2009) 25 WPC into 8 ohms. Worth it?   Corner Tube Traps Corner acoustic absorbers tubes
  (June 2007) made out of rigid mineral wool.
Chipamp - Bridge Parallel A pair of LM4780s per channel
(August, 2010) connected in "bridge parallel"  
configuration for about 180 WPC    
Chipamp - LM3886 A LM3886 stereo amplifier with
  Soft Start Circuit My own PCB for soft starting an  
(April 2004/ mod in 2005) differential input and ultra low   (July 2005) amplifier circuit.  
noise power supply for    
input circuitry. 50 WPC.
  Test Signals Downloadable audio test tones  
  (August 2005) about 1 minute in length.  
Chipamp - LM4780 A LM4870 based "parallel" amp   Uncompressed WAV stereo  
(May 2006) in a "lunch box." 50+ WPC.   format.  
  CES 2006, p. 1 Picturesof CES 2006 hgh end  
  (January 2006) audio equipment, page 1 of 2.  
Line Stage Preamplifiers
X-CCS-BOSOZ Implementation of a Pass Labs   CES 2006, p. 2 Pictures of CES 2006 high end  
(Nov. 2004, mod in Jan 2006) "bride of son of zen" line stage   (January 2006) audio equipment, page 2 of 2.  
  Amplifier Stand An amplifier stand filled with  
Balanced Buffer A differential stereo buffer with
  (May 2007) sand.  
(July 2007) a stereo input and quad output,    
for driving 2 amplifiers from a   Ikea Stereo Rack (Mod) An Ikea TV stand modified for
single preamplifier.   (October 2009) a bunch of monster amplifiers
iPod Accessory/ Buffer A differential line driver for
(November 2004) connecting an iPod to a  
balanced preamplifier  
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