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SurfCables: Silver Teflon Audio Cables

Made in USA

RIAA Preamplifier, "Bugle"

This is a small preamplifier used for record players, its a "Bugle" from Hagerman Technology, which is a company that sells audio components as well as some printed circuit boards and kits.

I bought the board, ordered the components and put it together in the Heat Sink Box, from Parts Express. The board was about $39 (called the half kit), parts were about $25, but I had some parts already, and the case was about $25.00. So forless than $100 you have a phono/RIAA preamp. Cheap and easy to make, with good instructions.

Not much to say here, I modified the design a little, by using chassis mount RCA inputs and outputs. I subbed in and two Kimber capacitors which I already had for two of the specified capacitors (I had the same value). I added a second switch to turn on a blue LED so I can tell when the batteries are getting low. Other than that its stock and it works great, as advertised.

Here are some pictures

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Top View of Board and Rear Panel

Here is shown the board and the board in the case being tested.

Another Top View
Rear View with LED "on"

Another top view and the board installed in the case. The blue light is added, needed something to verify that there was power, and it came with no lights.