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What's BOSOZ Preamplifier?

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"BOSOZ" Preamplifier

What's a "BOSOZ"?

A "BOSOZ" stands for Bride of Son of Zen, a preamplifier design by Nelson Pass, who is a well known designer of very expensive high performance audio components, and is at Pass Labs.

Luckily, Mr. Pass is a supporter of the do it yourself (DIY) movement in audio, and has a separate web site for this. Its called PassDIY.

Click Here to learn about the BOSOZ (its also called the Balanced Zen Line Stage). There is an article here that explains the whole thing, and much of how to build one.

A variation, called the "X-CCS" BOSOZ has additional "X" differential circuitry added to the basic preamplifier circuit, and also uses a CCS (constant current source) to drive the MOSFETs.